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Work From Home, Denmark


Media Search Analyst -
An exciting work from home opportunity related to Music,
Video App Store and HomePod!
We offer a flexible schedule of up to 20 hours per week completing tasks in a
web-based evaluation tool.

The Role:
Evaluation of online task types related to Music, Video, App Store and HomePod
to help improve the overall quality and relevance of online content and research.

What are the main requirements for the job?
- Fluency in English & Danish is essential
- You must be living in Denmark for a minimum of 1 year
- Apple user - Your email address must be associated with an Apple ID
- Experience/know-how of Apple products is mandatory
- All candidates will need to pass online evaluations to demonstrate capability of
  reading and applying the guidelines.

Benefits & Perks:
- Flexible hours to work around home life
- Better Work-Life balance
- Remote work & location independence
- Positive environmental impact
- Independent contractor role.

Please contact us at:

What's next?
Don't Delay!
Submit your application through the following link using a laptop or PC desktop,
and a member of our recruitment team will review your application.

Please visit this link and click Apply Now:

About us:
We help companies test and improve machine learning models via our global
AI Community of 1 million+ annotators and linguists.
Our proprietary AI training platform handles all data types (text, images, audio,
video and geo) across 500+ languages and dialects.
Our AI Data Solutions vastly enhance AI systems across a range of applications
from advanced smart products, to better search results, to expanded speech
recognition, to more human-like bot interactions and so much more.

Visit our website:

TELUS International AI Inc

Published: 2022-03-18