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Executive Assistant

Starbreeze is looking for an experienced Executive Assistant to join our exciting future!

In this role you will work closely with our CEO and management team to provide them with excellent support throughout their day, both administrative and personally.
You will be in the center of things, getting to meet new people in your everyday tasks and take a leading role during events and conferences throughout the year.
With your experiences as an executive assistant, you bring a high level of integrity and confidence in your role, and you feel comfortable in working under pressure but also in raising questions towards higher-ups.

Job tasks

- Coordinate meetings and conferences with stakeholders and business partners, making sure that everything needed is planned for and in place

- Be the point of contact for business travels and external conferences being responsible for booking and arranging meetings and coordinate travels and other necessary details

- Organize and schedule CEOs and stakeholders calendars

- Supporting our board members with materials and administration

- Act secretary by support in preparing agendas, taking and creating lists of action points and assisting during meetings (for example management team and board meetings).

- Assist in gathering and producing materials before and after meetings, like for example presentations and surveys for evaluations.

To be successful in this position you have:

- At Least 5+ years of experience with working as an assistant for stakeholders within a bigger company

- Enjoy providing an excellent level of customer service towards internal and external partners

- Great experience with the Google ecosystem (ex.
Google Calendar, Gmail, Forms) but also Office 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

- Handling different administrative tasks like for example reporting expenses, distributing minutes for signatures

- Courage to question and discuss your thoughts to higher management

- Excellent English, in both written and verbal

Still reading? Good...because here’s the good part of this job ad: We offer you a position at a company where we value teamwork, accountability and creativity.
While we evolve we want you to grow with us and to develop as a professional.
We also believe in having fun.
We have game consoles and arrange after work activities along with annual parties and events.

What more do we offer?

- Competitive salaries with yearly reviews

- Yearly wellness benefit Referral bonuses

- 6 weeks paid vacation per year

- Pension on top of salary, ≈+50% above collective agreement standard

- 90% of your salary will be covered while on Parental leave for up to 6 months

- Relocation support if you move from abroad

- Ideal office location in central Stockholm

- Monthly massage sessions in the office

Sounds good? Then we can’t wait to see your resumé and look forward to meeting you.
We recommend that you apply as soon as possible as selection and interviews are held continuously.
Send your application with a resumé and cover letter in English.
All applications must include a resumé to be considered.
Welcome with your application no later than February 5th.

At Starbreeze we value diversity and inclusion.
We welcome you as who you are, no matter where you are from or what games you play.

Starbreeze AB

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Oscar Gravestam
publicerad: 2023-01-25
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