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Agent support to our office in Stockholm

As an Agent Support at Ria Money Transfer the mission is to improve the position of the agents in the market.
Setting a fixed competitive exchange rate, while being careful in maintaining a compatible exchange rate, providing advertising to optimize the image of the agents in the market, solving doubts and helping them use Ria application.

* To visit the agents and customers in the assigned area, trying to solve their doubts and/or problems in a daily basis, give to the agents the recommendation to obtain more benefits from their business with Ria.

* To monitor the evolution of the agents on a daily basis.
Keeping regular contact with them when their activity is diminishing or when we have information about the activity of Ria agent with the competition.

* To asses the satisfaction of the agent with the company service.

* To do periodic reports for the Management, such as daily production per transfers, production per agent, per country etc..
In order to undertake the right action for the development.

* Improve the exchange rate according to the agent potential, comparative with the competition rates and production of the agent.


*High management of the informatics tool - Excel

* Excellent understanding of the exchange rates and the effects over the activity that these changes can have in the market.

* High valuable knowledge about “Revenue/Field management”.
“The challenge is to sell the right resources to the right customer at the right time for the right price”

* Languages: Fluent in Swedish and English.
Extra language can be a plus point


Ria Financial Services Sweden AB

Armégatan 40 5TR
17171 Solna
publicerad: 2021-05-04
start: Vanlig anställning
Fast månads- vecko- eller timlön
referens: Agent support Analyst
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sista ansökningsdag: 2021-06-03
erfarenhet: Försäljningsassistent: 1-2 års erfarenhet
Försäljningsvana, direktförsäljning konsument
Säljsupport, administrativt säljstöd