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Senior Data Scientist - Machine Learning

At MatHem we are all about convenience.
We create more time for whatever people love - cooking, family time, exercise, and work.
We are dedicated to creating an outstanding experience for our customers - from planning purchases with your family until the milk is in your fridge.
Working with us, you have a rare opportunity to put a positive impact on peoples’ lives.
The smile on people’s faces when the groceries are handed over is priceless.

Right now we’re looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join our journey and to be part of setting the technical foundation of building new, amazing products, helping our customers save even more time!

Why work with us?

At MatHem you'll be part of a creative and helpful environment with a lot of heart.
Our international environment consists of skilled but humble people, who really love to share their knowledge.
When you want a break, there is probably a colleague up for a game of table tennis or a coffee, or you could just fill your inspiration by watching the beautiful view of Skeppsholmen.
The managers will believe in you and have a great openness to your thoughts and way of working.
And we will always aim for you to be totally comfortable being yourself!

As one of Mathem’s first data scientists, and part of an innovative, agile, international team in one of Sweden’s fastest-growing tech companies you’ll have a unique opportunity.
Data science plays a vital role in MatHem’s entire operation.
Historically, our focus areas have primarily revolved around product recommendations and forecasting of future sales — but we’re now looking to rapidly expand this to all dimensions of our business.
While we’re initially looking for generalists, who can apply statistics and Machine Learning to solve problems at a scale ranging from improving the end-user experiences to optimizing warehouse and distribution quality and efficiency, we’re open to specializing in the roles down the line.

What you’ll do at Mathem

• Apply machine learning to analyze and solve real-world problems across our e-commerce, warehouse, and distribution domains
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to help identify, define and explore data science opportunities
• Support and drive initiatives across our domains by discovering data insights and helping the team make data-driven decisions
• Work closely with data engineers to create, launch and maintain machine learning models in production

We believe the right candidate could look something like this:

• 4+ years of experience as a Data Scientist working for a tech/product company
• BSc/MSc/Ph.D.
in a quantitative discipline (such as computer science, math, statistics, engineering, etc)
• Track-record of successfully launching machine learning models with improved business results
• Experience in building systems for model training and serving using e.g.
TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch
• Fluency in related programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL
• Strong analytical thinking and communication skills.

• Collaborate with software engineers, product managers, designers to design and run experiments, including designing and evaluating new algorithms as well as implementing known algorithms
• Experience from cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP
• A real passion for AI
• A Swedish work permit and are currently living in Stockholm/Sweden

At Mathem we generally use this tech stack:


• Serverless (Lambda & dynamodb)
• Event-driven (sqs, sns & event bridge)
• Microservice architecture (API gateway + lambda)
• Bounded and pragmatic contexts
• Managed services if no serverless (e.g Elasticsearch)
• Infrastructure as Code (Cloudformation & SAM)
• Observability (kibana & cw for logs and datadog for dashboards, alerts, and metrics)


• Analytics (BigQuery, GA, GO, GTM, and our own data from AWS)
• ML (we also use Sagemaker in AWS)
• Datahem

Coding languages used in the data team

• Python
• Java
• Javascript

Excited about our journey? So are we!
Apply here


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publicerad: 2021-05-04
start: Vanlig anställning
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sista ansökningsdag: 2021-06-30
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